What about the new chip cards and the special readers? Can Veezi handle that?

Yes, Veezi is fully EMV (Euro-Mastercard-Visa) compliant as well as all hardware that TOE sells. TOE does not supply the chip card reader itself, the reader must come from your credit card processor (usually Vantiv) for data security reasons. Chip cards are currently scheduled to fully replace mag cards by 2018, but mag cards and readers will still be useful for loyalty programs and gift card transactions.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on all our items.

How does a typical sale and install of Veezi work?

Once you have decided that Veezi is right for you, you call TOE and we help you determine what hardware you need, you may be able to reuse existing hardware. Once you determine what you wish to purchase, we send you a quote. You are under no obligation to buy from us and are encouraged to shop around.
When you are ready to buy from us, you pay with a card on the phone or mail a check.
We order the products directly from the factory warehouse the day we receive payment and they are shipped directly to you. The whole process usually takes about a week.
When your equipment arrives, you plug in your computer and peripherals—the software is already loaded when you buy hardware from TOE, and you call Veezi for the final install, setup, and training. If you have any hardware questions or concerns, you may call us and, if necessary, we will work directly with Veezi to resolve any issues.

What hardware do you recommend for the redemption of internet tickets?

We recommend a personal I-Phone or a 5th gen 32G I-Pod, refurbished for $169 from the Apple Store. Veezi has developed a free app that runs on an i-phone or i-pad that manages entry and exit to your cinema. It is available on the App store. A traditional bar code scanner will work as an entry device in the Veezi software, but it is a clunky process and the online buyer will then have to stand in line with customers buying at the box office—thereby defeating the purpose of them buying online.

Who are the principals of TOE?

Paul Schuyler is the principal. Malin Zergiebel assist Paul with sales, service and the website. You will be speaking to one of us. We do not employ a call center or answering service. See About Us for more detail.

What other products does TOE offer?

Currently, we offer the Touch Dynamic POS computers, Epson printers, and APG cash drawers that work well with Veezi. If you have need for another hardware brand, we can supply this as well. We also offer the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet POS in a hardened countertop shell as well as a roaming version with a wearable printer.
We will be offering additional movie theater specific products in the near future. We will not sell no-name products; we think that the risk of quality and/or support problems outweigh the small savings.

Can the Veezi POS computer operate via Wi-Fi.

Yes, but it is not recommended. An Ethernet cable is much preferred as this takes an up and down Wi-Fi signal out of the equation as a source of trouble. This same comment applies to all POS software; use Wi-Fi only if it is physically impossible to run a cable.

Then aren’t I paying more when I buy from TOE vs. online?

No. Shop online and compare.

What advantage is there for me by buying from TOE vs. online.

TOE specializes in both the Veezi software and the best hardware to run it. Determining software vs. hardware problems can be difficult and TOE has a foot in both worlds. TOE works directly with the staff at Veezi to solve any problems that may arise.
In addition, TOE is an authorized reseller of the POS computer line that Veezi primarily uses; Touch Dynamic, and we’re part of the EpsonExpert network of Epson printer resellers. You are not buying just a box when you buy from TOE, you are buying the box AND informed service and support for as long as you own the product.