Are you the same company as Veezi?

No, the Theater Owner’s Edge (T.O.E.) is a Veezi dealer.

Why doesn’t Veezi sell point-of-sale hardware?

Veezi is a software company and has determined that selling hardware will distract them from developing and supporting their cinema ticketing software, Veezi and Vista.

Are Vista and Veezi the same company?

Yes, they are separate divisions of Vista Entertainment Solutions and have the same ownership. Some of the software code in Veezi was originally written for Vista.

What is the difference between the Veezi ticketing system and the Vista ticketing system?

Vista is the original product written for mid-to-large chain theaters. Vista is the #1 ticketing software in the US and the world.
Veezi was written specifically for independent cinemas. Veezi is also cloud based. This means that the server for all Veezi sites is located in the Microsoft Azure datacenter in Texas and operates via the internet.

What if the internet goes down?

Veezi was designed to manage this and defaults to its local mode of operation. The real time features not available when the internet goes down are internet authorization of credit card swipes and confirmation of customer tickets purchased on the internet. Veezi and TOE have several simple work-arounds when this occurs.

Can I buy my ticketing hardware online, such as at Amazon?

Yes, TOE suggests that you comparison shop.

What advantage is there for me by buying from TOE vs. online.

TOE specializes in both the Veezi software and the best hardware to run it. Determining software vs. hardware problems can be difficult and TOE has a foot in both worlds. TOE works directly with the staff at Veezi to solve any problems that may arise.
In addition, TOE is an authorized reseller of the POS computer line that Veezi primarily uses; Touch Dynamic, and we’re part of the EpsonExpert network of Epson printer resellers. You are not buying just a box when you buy from TOE, you are buying the box AND informed service and support for as long as you own the product.

Then aren’t I paying more when I buy from TOE vs. online?

No. Shop online and compare.

Can the Veezi POS computer operate via Wi-Fi.

Yes, but it is not recommended. An Ethernet cable is much preferred as this takes an up and down Wi-Fi signal out of the equation as a source of trouble. This same comment applies to all POS software; use Wi-Fi only if it is physically impossible to run a cable.

What other products does TOE offer?

Currently, we offer the Touch Dynamic POS computers, Epson printers, and APG cash drawers that work well with Veezi. If you have need for another hardware brand, we can supply this as well. We also offer the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet POS in a hardened countertop shell as well as a roaming version with a wearable printer.
We will be offering additional movie theater specific products in the near future. We will not sell no-name products; we think that the risk of quality and/or support problems outweigh the small savings.